Holiday Rental

This property is a holiday rental, a contemporary style villa unit in a resort complex, that is almost 20 years old.

The owners are interested in making the unit more comfortable as well as lowering the energy costs. Typical of holiday rental properties, guests seem to be extravagant with power use. Some appliances were recently updated, including the installation of an energy-efficient split system reverse cycle airconditioner. For various reasons, the owners are considering installing solar power.

The assessor observed the combination of high vaulted ceilings and the absence of double-glazing, and, in addition, some north-facing windows that are exposed without eaves.

Gas powers the cook-top and also the laundry that operates for the whole resort. The spa bath has huge hot water requirements, and the assessor spent significant time with the owners discussing opportunities for solar and potential for action on these gas-powered appliances. Heating is provided by a fireplace and an electric space-heater.

Examination of the power-board identified the complex has a large capacity with 3-phase power, suggesting potential for greater electrification of the property. The assessor identified draught leakages and the questionable effectiveness of existing sealers. He also noted that the skylight in the spa/bathroom allows significant leakage of warm air – and it is also an ember risk.

From the owners’ perspective, “The assessor recommended a number of actions we can take both immediately and in the longer term. We are particularly keen to take Richard’s advice to tackle the use of instantaneous gas hot water. Given what he assessed as the large power capacity on the property, we could install an instantaneous electric Hot Water System (eg Siebel Eltron) that uses power for immediate demand not storage.”

The assessor recommended particular windows that should be double glazed and others that could be greatly improved with secondary glazing by Ecomaster or Magnetight. A fixed awning on the exposed NW windows was also suggested.

Regarding solar power, the owners came to a better understanding of a number of ways to think about how solar can be installed for maximum gain in a resort complex such as these villa units. They can choose to follow up on this discussion with Richard subsequent to the timeframe of this current project.

Thermal imaging camera illustrates heat loss around windows and wall framing.

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